Monday, July 25, 2011

A New Chapter

Dear friends and family,
It is time to turn the page and start a new chapter in our lives. I have been unemployed for around four months and have diligently completed applications, worked with a vast array of recruiters and suffered monumental discrimination from my age, my lack of a degree and my disability with my back. It is most obvious that after forty years in retail and twenty in an executive position, that my appeal has been voided. We have come to the conclusion that I should retire and collect Social Security.

Now comes the fun part. Can Kim and I survive on this meager stipend in the good old USA. The answer is no and an emphatic one at that. Trying to go into business a couple of years ago, exhausted all retirement monies and we simply cannot live on the monthly funding from our government.

Therefore I have researched a location that we can survive, with low medical costs, inexpensive food and a cost of living that is almost criminal in nature. Ecuador will allow us to live on the beach (a passion we both observe), eat fresh seafood and retire in semi comfort. I know this will startle most of you that have known us over the years and realize how important family has been.

Kim will remain in Texas and work until she turns 62 and we will have a long distance relationship (Not the first time. We actually lived 3,000 miles apart when we started dating in 1976). The real truth is that our family is spreading out. The boys are creating lives of their own and it is time that Kim and I settle down where we can be happy, relieve stress and I can become a writer.

I have had a passion for writing, gained from my journalistic father and some say I am fairly talented at it. Who knows? In the end the public will tell me if I am full of garbage or have an ability to scribe my thoughts in a manner that will produce income for us.

The thing is that when I mentioned this to members of my immediate family and a close friend, their feedback was positive and some wanted to join in on the escape! One of my dearest friends is actually accompanying me the first time I venture into the unknown.

Kim and I have discussed trying to purchase a small bed and breakfast. My sister-in-law and husband have brought the prospect of running a small organic tomato farm (already operational) to the table and the possibilities are endless (as long as everyone understands my immediate mission is to write).

I am in the process of placing my thoughts together and have already started three books (It was two until my experience with age and the other discrimination faced recently). I do have a new energy and am more excited about this chapter of my life than I have been in some time. I will add blogs from time to time (if you care to follow then feel free to add yourself to my "followers") and try to keep everyone stateside up to date.

I wish each and every one of you a prosperous, blessed and happy life. I sincerely thank each of you for your friendship and support over the years. May you find peace and may you remain blissful and full of life as we head into our golden years.


  1. May God bless you and Kim in your new 'chapter' in your life. May He be with you every step of the way. May you both always keep Him first in your lives and your new adventure in life. I admire you for your decision to take this big step to make a new and FUN life for yourselves. I'm so excited for you. WOW!!! Just are and always will be citizens of the United States of TEXAS. Will miss knowing your aren't here anymore, but will be thrilled to read of all your new adventures. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! God bless you both and your whole family. Love, Pattie :)))

  2. A new great place to visit. :)

    Do not be a stranger.

    May God bless you.

    - Barnet, Elijah and Aisha

  3. I hope the writer's bug bites you deep and now I am motivated to get my novel published before you do! Seriously, I wish you all the happiness you deserve and look forward to your future posts!


  4. May God bless you and Kim in this decision. Follow your dream, Mike. Life is so short and we should make the most of it. Stepping outside of our "norm" is a scaring thing to do, but if that's your passion, go for it and enjoy the ride. Good luck my friend and stay in touch
    Better & Better

  5. Best of luck Mike in what I'm certain was a difficult decision. Through the years I've come to learn, slowly, to live without regret and in a way that glorifies God. So, embrace the challenges to come with optimism and with the knowledge that all real treasures or to come later. I would ask that you do us all a small favor and refrain from writing about SKU's or Inventory turnover - I really would prefer not to buy that page turner to show my support. Also, please pack some J. Buffet, N. Young and V. Morrison so my vicarious journey is complete.

  6. I am in amazement and don't have a thing to write that is worthy of this grand adventure. Well, maybe just a tidbit. I am very excited to hear about this adventure and would love to join you some time. All my love to you and sister Kim. God bless you both in ways you can not imagine.
    Love Nannette